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Questions & Answers

How do I register my domain? Top
Stylish Web Inc. will register your domain for a small fee, or give you the option to register your domain (if you are familiar with registration through Register.com, this should be no challenge for you).

How long will it take to obtain my domain? Top
It usually takes 48 - 72 hours for your registration to be finalized.

What is the cost to register my domain? Top
On an avarage it cost $70 to register your name for two years. An additional $35 per year will follow. Your registrant will notify you ahead of time as to whether you would like to renew your contract. Failure to renew your contract at the end of your term will result in availability of your Domain for others to use. Stylish Web Inc. will charge you $25 to register your name for you (optional).

How do I know if a domain is available? Top
We can check the availability of a domain for you. It's always a good idea to choose a few names, just in case one is not available.

What's the big hype about being on the Web? Top
Relative to the conventional methods of advertisement, the Web is an inexpensive way to advertise your business utilizing easy to use updated information with eye catching graphics in a wide variety of colors..

What is the difference between Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Web Hosting Provider (WHP)? Top
An ISP such as America On Line (AOL), or SBC, etc., provides access to all the features of the Internet, such as browsing the world wide web (www.) and e-mail. They provide the dial-up or other internet connections such asDSL, etc. WHP are providers that allow you to post your web site on the Internet. They also provide the means for search engines to locate you on the world wide web.

Does Stylish Web Inc. provide internet connection and Web hosting? Top
No, we are neither an Internet Service Provider (ISP), nor a Web Hosting Provider (WHP). In order to keep the cost down for our clients, we only focus on web site design and give our clients the option of picking any ISP and WHP. We can however, direct you to a few web hosting providers (not affiliated with Stylish Web Inc.). Keep in mind that the web hosting provider you choose should have appropriate extensions in order for your web site hit counters, interactive forms, etc. to work correctly.

What is the difference between Virtual and Non-Virtual Domain? Top
A virtual domain address will allow you to have a direct domain, as in www.yourname.com, org, net. A non-virtual domain will look like www.servername.com/yourname. As you can see, a virtual address is more professional, more direct and easier to remember. It also allows you the option of having unlimited e-mail addresses such as sales@www.yourname.com, org, net.

Why can't I just use the free homepage that most ISPs provide for my Web Site? Top
While you don't really have to choose a Web Hosting Provider (WHP), keep in mind that there are many limitations to the free homepages provided by your ISP. Most ISPs only allow 2-3 Mega Bytes of space which is not much at all. Accessing your web site through homepages is often slow, due to an ISP's advertisement which is often included on those free sites. Also, keep in mind that you will not have the option of a virtual domain (they will only allow non-virtual domains such as www.serversname.com/yourname) which is hard to remember and does not allow direct e-mail associated with your domain. Finally, web hosting for your domain is very inexpensive relative to the conventional methods of advertisements.

Do you provide E-Commerce? Top
Stylish Web does offer E-Commerce solutions which include shopping carts, or PayPal.

What can I post on my Web site? Will you design anything I want? Top
You are free to put whatever you wish on your web site, as long as it does not interfere with any laws. We are capable of helping you design your web site the way you would like it to look; however, as we are committed to provide services that are family oriented, we DO NOT design or promote X-rated material for our clients.

How do I contact Stylish Web Inc.? Top
You can e-mail us at support@stylishweb.com. We will contact you within 24 hours of your request.

Once my business is posted on the Internet, will I automatically be present in the search engines? Top
The answer to this question depends on which company you choose as your Web Hosting Provider (WHS). Often WHSs include the promotion of your web site as part of their package (usually for an additional cost). It is crucial to maintain presences on the web by resubmitting your site to the search engines once every few months. Even if your WHS does not provide the web site promotions, we can help you choose a provider which does specialize in web site promotions.

How do I give you some ideas about what I would like to include on my web site with the budget I have in mind, and get your feedback? Top
For your convenience we have included a Web Site Development Worksheet which allows you to give us a clear idea of what you may want on your web site. Don't feel bad if you don't have a clear understanding of exactly what you want. Just tell us everything you can, and we will make a proposal based on what you send, or contact you for further details. We realize that you know your business better than any one else does, so we are committed to tailoring your web site to fit your needs.

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