The Design Process

Planning is the most important step in the success of designing professional web sites. We include an initial consultation to brainstorm and go through the completed worksheet and discuss your needs in depth. During that session we help you to determine who your target market is for the web site and we settle on what the features will be.

In order to ensure the highest level of value for our clients, we utilize an Internet Solutions delivery framework referred to as the Internet Solutions Lifecycle. Here are the six simple steps we take with our clients in order to launch a successful web site.



1. Internet Business Analysis (IBA)

We will consult with you regarding your Internet business needs

We will do an analysis by visiting several web pages with similar services/products as yours

We will pay close attention to small details presented by your competition

2. Functional Design

Considering all factors under the Internet Business Analysis, Stylish Web Inc. will design an interface for your web site

Careful consideration will be applied to color coordination, logo matching, logo placement, brand matching, etc.

Stylish Web Inc. will integrate the latest matching industry designs into your site

Once you accept the interface, no further changes to the design or navigation is permissible without further charges


Changing none navigation graphics such as individual pictures used within the content is permissible

3. Build

Once the Interface is agreed upon, content will be added to the site

Clients should take their time collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and formulating all the appropriate content, and content graphics they wish posted on the site

It is extremely important that all appropriate staff/partners review all content before submission to the stylish web inc. To build the site

Once the client accepts the content, no further changes to the content is permissible without further charges


Making minor changes such as grammar, and spelling corrections
Replacing content graphics

All appropriate HTML code will be applied at this phase

4. Test

Once all appropriate content, and content graphics are built, the site will be tested on the Internet

The site will remain non-public at this stage

5. Launch

The site will officially be launched

6. Manage Results

Any further feedback from visitors will be reviewed by the owner

Upon request, Stylish Web Inc will apply minor changes

Major changes, additions, deletions will be reviewed by the client and the stylish web inc. Further charges will apply upon request for major changes


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